Tax Free

In company stores, , buyers who meet the criteria listed below can receive a Tax Free form on the basis of which they can apply for a VAT refund.



Shop at, get a receipt, fill out the Tax Free form

Show required documents at the border


Apply for money at a GlobalBlue outlet

Who is Tax Free for?
The person applying for VAT refund must have the status of a traveler. According to the law, it is a natural person who lives permanently outside the European Union (EU). The place of permanent residence of the traveler is determined on the basis of an identity document.

A passenger who meets the above criteria has the right to receive a VAT refund for goods purchased in the territory of Poland, provided that products exported outside the EU are intact and in original packaging.
How can use Tax Free?


Ask the store's employee to issue a Tax Refund. Make sure all personal details are correct and that the receipt from the cash register has been attached. The date on the document must match the date on the receipt. The minimum purchase value must be PLN 200.


When leaving the EU, report to the Customs Office. Present a Tax Free document with proof of transaction and passport. The customs officer confirms the export of the goods by affixing the stamp ( Important! The lack of the tax collector's stamp on the Tax Free form prevents a refund from being received). The goods must be exported at the latest on the last day of the third month from the date of purchase, eg when you buy on August 14, you can export the goods no later than November 30.


You can get a refund at a Global Blue site. You can find the list of facilities and return rules at . When applying for a refund, you must present a stamped Tax Free form. Keep in mind that the broker may charge a commission on the refund amount . The Polish Tax Free form is valid for 10 months from the month of purchase. You can only receive a tax refund in cash during this period. Tax refunds based on the Polish Tax Free form can be made only in cash.

In Poland, the rules for the VAT refund of travelers are regulated by the Act on Value Added Tax and excise tax as well as executive provisions to the Act - the Regulation of the Minister of Finance. The Act of March 11, 2004 on Value Added Tax - Section XII, Chapter 6, Art. 126 - 130 (Dz.U. nr 54 poz. 535 z późn. zm).

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